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Mods for Skyrim: Book of Amazons by 0-The-Leviathan-0
Mods for Skyrim: Book of Amazons

Here's a small mod for Skyrim that replaces History of the Empire Vol 1 with the illustrated book: Lev's Book of Amazons.  Enjoy!

Skyrim Logo Movie Mod by 0-The-Leviathan-0
Skyrim Logo Movie Mod

I can't upload this to this category for some reason so follow the link...

Posted in scraps: 0-the-leviathan-0.deviantart.c…

Skyrim Bethesda Logo Replacer by 0-The-Leviathan-0
Skyrim Bethesda Logo Replacer
This is a little test of sorts I threw together and I just thought I'd share it in case anyone was interested.

This file will replace the Bethesda logo that plays when you load up Skyrim with a short movie containing scenes of some of the modding I have done to the game in regards to FMG and amazon warriors. Many of them are unfinished so there is some model clipping and texture problems but like I said this is more of a test than anything.

In order to use this you will have to own a legal copy of Skyrim (FOR PC ONLY). Also, if you are not familiar with modding Skyrim, I suggest you take a pass on using this.

The file structure should be preserved in the zip file but basically to run it you need a folder inside of your skyrim DATA folder called VIDEO and the file BGS_Logo needs to beinside that folder. Then just start up the game.

To uninstall it simply delete the file and it will revert to the original logo.


Carver Ansel
United States
Hey all, I've been away for a while with no internet connection. Upon returning I noticed several people have sent word that others may be posting my work online either as thier own or without proper credit to me as the artist. First off, I wang... wang LOL, silly typos, I WANT to thank you all for looking out for me and giving me so much support over the years. I know I usually don't get around to replying very often and I apologize for that.  
 Second I just want to make it known to everyone that I'm ok with other people using and or reposting my stuff without permission. I'm not making any money off of the stuff so it really doesn't hurt me much. As far as credit goes I'm not really concerned about that either. My only concern is to post the stuff here so other deviants can enjoy it, beyond that I have no cares.
In fact, I encourage anyone who would like to manipulate or evolve anything I post here further to do so. Just don't play around with the genders and no children for god sake!

 Now for an update on new stuff. Though I'm not going to tell you what it is, I shall have some new stuff up in the next months time; some fairly substantial things. While (not having to deal with crashes aside) I haven't been able to work too much faster on poser stuff with my new computer (animation is hard :( ) I have been able to do much higher quality renders and more complicated scenes. I'll be releasing some samples of that soon, along with some hand drawn animation.

 Once again, thanks to everyone who has shown so much interest inmy stuff. See you soon!

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